Made for lecturers. is made for novice and experienced educators alike. It was created to bring back the fun into the online education process.

Powered by students
Organize your course

Organize your course

Add assignments, notifications, homeworks and all kinds of learning materials with ease. helps you deal with every aspect of your course.

Deliver rich content

Deliver rich content

Establish a course hierarchy and fill it with content in seconds. Deliver learning materials to your students in an organized and systematic way.

Track the progress

Track the progress

Create quizzes and tests and instantly track how students perform.

Analyze course activity

Analyze course activity

Get access to the simple and meaningful analytics about everything that happened inside your course environment.

Powered by students.

Learn what you want, where you want and when you want by collaborating with your fellow students and coworkers.

Tailored for you.
Your course at a glance

Your course at a glance

Everything you need is now online, organized and always available. Tasks, documents, homeworks, lectures, schedules...

Track your tasks

Track your tasks

Stay ahead off all your tasks - assignments, tests and attendances. All in one place.

Learn together

Learn together

Messaging, walls, discussion forums, chat/video conferences and other social networking tools make it easy to communicate and collaborate.

See yourself advance.

See yourself advance.

View your complete score sheet per course, earn bonus points, communicate with lecturers and track your progress.

This is how it works.

Course dashboard

Dashboard - all information at a glance

This is where you land after logging in to All your courses, as well as current and upcoming events, exams, assignments and announcements are available in a single, unified view.

Course list

Check what's happening in your course groups

All your courses are just one click away from the main menu. Switching between them is easy, and there are no limits to the number of courses a single learner can attend.

Theorio wall

See what your contacts are up to

These days, students and instructors are both accustomed to interacting with various social tools. provides familiar social tools, including walls, messaging center and forums.


View the calendar

You will want to check your calendar regularly, as it holds all course-related events in one place.

Theorio messaging

Make an announcement

Something important is going to happen? It is easy to to notify all participants about it, both via their dashboards and personalized e-mail messages.


Keep track of student attendence

You might want to combine online and offline learning activities, and keep record of who's present at each of them. The information gathered here can later be used to grade your students.


Time for some homework

Assignments are used for delivering, tracking and grading student sumbissions. They are an essential tool in keeping your students enganged all the time.


Test student progress features simple but powerful exam and quiz editing tool, allowing instructors to quickly create various types of exams, tests, surveys and quizzes.

Learning materials

Create and organize your learning materials

This is a heart of the system and a place where everything comes together. All types of learning documents (HTML, PPTs, PDFs, DOCs, ...), neatly organized into a hierarchy that fits your needs.


Keep the discussion alive

Facilitating class discussions can be an extremely valuable pedagogical technique.'s intuitive discussion system makes it easy to engage in discussions with all participants.


Manage your users

Adding, removing and updating the information about your students require only a couple of mouse clicks, no matter how large your group is. This is also where you track their grades.


See how they perform

Analytics tools built into allows you to continously track your student's performance and interests. It is an invaluable tool for adjusting the contents of your course to your student's needs.

Service tailored for you. is a cloud-based, feature-rich, mobile-friendly e-Learning platform built with simplicity in mind. It allows for delivery of sophisticated online training courses with real time result tracking. You can start using it in a matter of seconds, as there is no software to download and infrastructure to build. Modifying courses and scaling them up or down is fast and easy. Most importantly, your lecturers and students will instantly recognize and understand's environment and learning tools. test flight

Test out to see if it works for you!